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Alnif - The Mummy

15 October  -   151  -   900

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Stage 5 recap

The Mummy, Morocco – Friday 15 October 2021

The queen stage of Roc du Maroc, didn’t disappoint with 152 kilometers through the desert and yet again another duo of winners. The riders are becoming more and more tired, both physically and mentally. Team spirit was key today, or like Thiago Guimaraes Osorio, 2nd at the finish today, described it philosophically: “If your body is tired, trust your mind. If your mind is tired, trust your partner.”

How the race was won

After the first part of 25 km over twisty and somewhat hilly roads, with oasis and stony oueds, the riders arrived in the desert and the race became a mental, on top of a physical challenge.

Joeri Vaneycken and Bert De Gendt came here with the goal to win this stage and so they did. “We made the race hard from the start and pulled for a long time today and that way we got a gap fast,” Bert told us at the finish. “I think we were away with a group of 12 riders and on the first sand section, we waited at first, because it’s nicer to ride in a group, but in the end it was wiser just to keep going. We didn’t want our closest competitors in the GC to come back either, of course. From CP1 on we were away with a group of 4, Joeri and I, Thiago (Guimaraes Osorio, red.) and Michael (Ossieur, red.). And then it was a matter of keeping the pace by riding well together and to extend our lead as much as we could. And that worked out. We’re happy.”  

Joeri and Bert were followed immediately by their compagnons, Michael and Thiago. “I’ve never ridden my MTB over such a long distance as today,” Thiago said upon arriving. “Joeri and Bert were really super strong, without them pulling so hard, I would never have made it to the finish at this pace. Michael kept pushing me as well. Those long stretches through the desert just drove me mad. That CP2 didn’t seem to come closer, but look, we made it and took a little bit more time in the GC. Tomorrow one more day of full gas and that’s it!”  

Just like in the fourth stage, Johnny Goetschalckx and Pascal De Kort finished third in GC and won in the Grand Master category. “We were the only Grand Master team in the front and we tried to follow the first group as long as we could, but after 75km I had a hard moment and we had to go slower so that I could recover. From CP3 I felt my power coming back and we could start to chase again. Today we finished as third and I believe that was the highest possible result, so I think we can be happy with that.”


1.      Joeri Vaneycken and Bert De Gendt in 5:45:53 (winners and leaders Master)

2.      Michael Ossieur and Thiago Guimaraes Osorio in 5:46:12 (winners Men, leaders GC overall and Men)

3.      Johnny Goetschalckx and Pascal De Kort in 5:53:40 (winners and leaders GC Grand Master)

4.      Olivier Mahieu and Jan Maes in 5:57:20

5.      Diederik Libbrecht and Vaast Bogaert in 5:57:50

6.      Pieter-Jan Vandecasteele and Peter Bouvry in 6:08:18

7.      Franky Taelman and Wim Tollenaere in 6:08:41

8.      Roy Wienk and Camille Martin in 6:18:58

9.      Bjorn Goens and Laurent Tulpin in 6:27:21

10.  Jan Lubanski and Davy Christiaens in 6:31:23

11.  Lien Suls and Andreas Suls in 6:33:09 (winners and leaders GC Mixed)

Tomorrow will be the sixth and last stage from The Mummy to Merzouga, over a distance of 66 km.

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This report was brought to you by Elke Weylandt who is doing the honours as race director this year.

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